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What A Credit Repair Company Can Do For You February 1, 2011

Posted by Chance Daily in New Credit Information.
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Most people have a vague idea on what their credit scores are based: how they’ve paid their bills.  But the truth is much more complicated than that; especially when it comes to bad or incorrect information on credit reports.  Unfortunately most people have no idea that their creditors pay the credit bureaus to put bad marks in their credit file. Creditors are not held highly accountable to remove bad marks even when it’s free for them to do so!

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act it is left up to the consumer to check and correct any incorrect entries.  This is something you can certainly do if you already know how to talk to the Credit Bureaus and what exactly to put in your dispute.  The problem is that if it isn’t done correctly the credit bureaus will simply ignore your dispute!

Credit repair companies have built their business on knowing how to dispute incorrect information on credit reports and knowing the rules which credit bureaus, creditors and state agencies follow to remove incorrect information on credit reports.

When you choose a Credit Restoration company you’re enlisting a team of industry professionals that can make sure that your credit report will reflect the proper picture of your current credit status. Items which should no longer be reported will come off and your credit picture will improve. This information can include late payments, bankruptcies and judgments.

When looking for a Credit Repair company, be sure to choose one that is a Member of the National Association of Credit Organizations. You can learn more about Credit Repair by visiting CredZoo.org and by following CredZoo’s blog, right here at credzoo.wordpress.com!



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